About Us

Welcome to Neck Reliever! For years, our team has been working on a new piece of technology that will solve many problems. We’ve failed many times to create a perfect solution to everyone’s problems. We understand the frustration and pain we all endure from neck pain, stiff neck, muscle pain, etc.. That is why we created something so powerful that will potentially help you in less than 5 days, and that is called “Neck Reliever”.

Don't waste time and no need to pay a portion of your salary to go see a Chiropractor anymore. The Neck Reliever is your portable Chiropractor!

Our mission is to help everyone who is suffering from neck pain, to give the opportunity for those who are in pain. The next step is for you to make a huge decision to get your hands on the Neck Reliever™.  We highly recommend you to treat yourself and relieve that neck pain of yours!

Thank You for being a great customer and reading about who we are. Need help? Please don't hesitate and contact us for further information.


Neck Reliever™.

30 Day Money Back

Your Neck Massager not working? We offer a 30 day money back and ONE year warranty! Please contact us for further information.

FREE SHIPPING (Limited Time Only)

We are offering FREE shipping worldwide on all orders for a limited time!

We Test Our Products

Before our fulfillment services ship the massagers, we test the product to make sure they are working and in perfect condition.

99.5% Positive Feedback

One of our biggest goals is to keep our customers happy and satisfied! Have a question? Feel free to email our customer support team.